Sea Service Diving and Marine Pty. Ltd. formed in 2002 after 35 years of general commercial diving work, believing that there was a need for a specialized service delivery in the field of Under Water Ship Husbandry. At humble beginnings the focused and goal oriented company has grown into a reliable professional service delivery provider catering to a diverse field of customers.

Sea Service Diving and Marine’s Commercial Clearance Divers bring with them the capability of whilst being hands on the job, can if necessary think outside of the square, displaying a ‘CAN DO’ approach in achieving efficient and satisfactory customer expectations.

Sea Service Diving and Marine Pty., Ltd., believes that through continued outsourced Team Training and Company assessment, their standards of professionalism and expertise will continue to develop and that their required service delivery objectives are continually achieved.

The Team is lead by an Australian Diver Accreditation Scheme Level III Qualified Supervisor with security clearances to enter all Australian Port Restricted Areas as holders of Maritime Security Identification Cards.